Albemarle (ALB) Stock: Valuation Approaching Attractive Levels

Albemarle (ALB) Stock: Valuation Approaching Attractive Levels

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Funding thesis

After reaching an all-time document excessive a couple of months in the past, Albemarle’s (NYSE:ALB) inventory worth declined by a few third. The decline within the inventory worth corresponds with a steep drop in lithium costs, quite than

Albemarle 2022 financial results


Lithium spot price

Buying and selling Economics

Albemarle 2023 guidance


Albemarle financial metrics

Albemarle monetary metrics (In search of Alpha)

Albemarle P/E versus various mining peers

Information supply: In search of Alpha

Shell production by year 2020-2022


Average EV prices, China, US & Europe, 2015 compared with 2022

In search of Alpha

Global EV sales forecast to 2040

Goldman Sachs

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